Linguatur is a different kind of group travel company, formed by teachers who have been running incoming programs since 1971.

  • Linguatur offers complete land services. Whatever the reason from living a deep cultural homestay to applauding a performance at a Flamenco show, we can provide you with the most successful and creative itineraries.
  • Linguatur organises tours having the homestay as the centre part, thus giving the students a deep insight into the Spanish life and culture. LINGUATUR has a wide net of 13 homestay centres with about 2.000 selected families.
  • Linguatur has its own team of young escorts who are “always at hand” for teachers in order to provide adequate services for the young travellers.
  • Linguatur chooses local guides who know the different philosophy of our groups and they provide special lectures to our groups. We have been choosing the same guides for many years.
  • Linguatur’s owners have also a coach company (founded in 1.947) and the best contacts in Spain for coach travel.
  • Linguatur offers LOW BUDGET BUT NO PROBLEMS.


Linguatur brings Spain to more than 10.000 foreign tourists a year.

Best prices

Linguatur international we offer the best prices and offers.

Memories and experiences

With our activities and organized trips let’s believe instantaneous indelible.

Travels all the year

We have trips prepared in the months of the year.

We organize


Whatever you wish

From an incentive trip, a religious, gastronomic, thematic, cultural circuit to a congress.